What's Your Story?

We want you to share your story.  Holston needs to know you exist, who you are.


Please share with other Holston United Methodists this video project.  The greater number of people who share their story, the greater our collective voice.  Below are the video instructions.  


Videos will be publicly shared on social media and other sources available.  Our goal is to have at least 10 videos before we publish.  Please pray with us that we may start publishing videos prior to AC2021.  

Video question:  Why do you work and pray for a fully inclusive church?

Please encourage others to be positively affected by your message.  Not all people accept the LGBTQ+ community as equals.  By posting your video, the goal is not to change someone’s mind but to change their heart.  “Though we cannot think alike, may we not love alike?” (John Wesley)

Step 1: Record your video

  1. Record your video via computer, video camera or phone

    1. If using a cell phone, hold the phone horizontally (landscape)

  2. Length of video: 1 – 2 minutes

  3. Please be aware of background audio interference

    1. Example: wind noise when recording outside

  4. Note: your video will not be edited but published in raw form

Step 2: Message

  1. The goal is to connect with people of Holston.  To let them know we exist.

  2. Sample question: Why do you work and pray for a fully inclusive church?

  3. Please state your full name, local church and district if possible

Step 3: Transfer your video

  1. Use a website to email your video

  2. Recommended website: wetransfer.com

    1. Go to wetransfer.com

    2. Sign in or create your own free account

    3. Click on Add your files

    4. Type your full name in the subject line

    5. Email to: umcnextholston@gmail.com


Click here for a sample video.


Please contact me with any questions or comments.  My personal email is tuyea121@yahoo.com or contact me via FaceBook.


Be peace,

Danny Tullier

St. Elmo United Methodist Church

Scenic South District

Holston Conference