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A Prayer for Holston

Gracious God,

As we move forward toward a new church, continue to give us the gifts that were so prevalent and operative at our UMCNext meeting in Kansas City.

Give us resistance.

  • Resistance to the status quo.

  • Resistance to the evil of injustice.

  • Resistance to the hate from those who claim scriptural purity.

Give us repentance.

  • Repentance for allowing racism to continue.

  • Repentance for not being inclusive.

  • Repentance for keeping quiet in the face of injustice.

Give us inclusion.

  • Inclusion of the LGBTQ+ community.

  • Inclusion of persons of color.

  • Inclusion of all God's children.

Give us liberation.

  • Liberation from white privilege.

  • Liberation from keeping silent.

  • Liberation from fear.

Give us hope.

  • Hope for living out God's will.

  • Hope for a future together.

  • Hope for a new beginning.

Give us resurrection.

  • Resurrection from the decay of what has been.

  • Resurrection to living grace-filled lives.

  • Resurrection to becoming a new creation.

Lord, what we seek is love, your unmerited love to fill our souls, so that we become your love in this world, so that we may become your instruments in peace, the peace that comes through justice. Amen.

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